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15 Problems With Project Management

15 Problems With Project Management

1. Unclear Workload

1 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Bryan Fagman of Micro Focus says that many projects fail because of an unclear workload. If blurring creeps in here, the whole project suffers. In the worst case, it's been completed when it's undefined. Fagman therefore urges that goal be clearly stated in dialogue with customers.

2. Undefined Expectations

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All involved must know from the beginning of the projects, and which expectations have to be met - otherwise a fiasco is imminent. Tim Garcia, Apptricity's CEO, mentioned two key things that all team members should know beforehand: what is done and how to know when the project is completed. "Without a document agreement that provides answer to these two questions, a project is in jeopardy right from the beginning," says Garcia.

3. Lack of Management Support

3 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

The support from the top company must be secured. If you are not in line with the executive floor, this reduces the chances of success, says Brad Clark from Daptiv.

4. Methodology According to Scheme

4 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Project management commonly works on standardized key tasks and services. According to Robert Longley, consultant at the consulting firm Intuaction, this also lurks a danger. The standard approaches are normally geared to the projects of a certain size. They may not work anymore if you have to do bigger projects than in the past.

5. Overworked Employees

5 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

"Team members are not machines," says Dan Schoenbaum, CEO of the project management company Teambox. Projects can also fail because employees are overburdened with work. This can be avoided by a clear picture of the strengths of the team members in advance and paying attention to a sensible distribution of tasks.

6. Undivided Knowledge of Power

6 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Projects are based on the information that is not monopolized but shared with each other. This will not happen when results are given a long startup time. Tim Garcia of Apptricity therefore recommends dividing the project into short phases. At the end of each there will be results, with which the whole team can continue working.

7. Unclear Decision-Making

7 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

In the course of a project, changes to the original road map are often unavoidable. However, change management must clearly document who changed what and when, and what the new direction is.

8. Missing Software

8 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Excel  spreadsheets force project managers to make manual corrections and often cause problems with status updates. As such, it's liberating to work with Project Management Software, which provides automatic updates and relieves cumbersome manual reports. Advice Brian Ahearne, CEO of the provider Evolphin Software.

9. Danger of Overcrowding

9 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Change requests are common place in project life, but unfortunately, they often have an unpleasant side effect: the tendency to extend deadlines and budgets, and to permanently lead to demotivating and frustration on all sides. In order to stop this development, in addition to clear targets, daily monitoring and a defined process for desired changes make sense. In any case, this is recommended by Sandeep Anand, who is responsible for project management at the software development house Nagarro.

10. Can not say "no"

10 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

In the company's sense, it is sometimes necessary to reject requests, says Markus Remark from the provider TOA Technologies. It is therefore, good to know how to say "no". It would be best to have a constructive alternative solution for such cases.

11. Lack of Cohesion

11 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Project work is teamwork. In practice, some project teams are unsuccessful, but sports teams caught in jealousy are unsuccessful, adviser Gordon Veniard observes. The focus on the actual goal is lost. Instead, blame each other for being responsible for small groups and poor performance problems. To prevent this, leadership by the project manager is required. And should he take his team to understand how with them and involve them in decisions. Without the communication the disaster is programmed, so Hilary Atkinson of the Provider Force 3.

12. Forgotten Work Routine

12 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Hilary Atkinson has another communication tip ready: Project managers should not forget to do their day-to-day tasks. Those responsible for not announcing dates, forgetting reports and leaving emails unanswered risk unnecessary delays.

13. Too Frequent Meetings

13 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Meetings discussing the status quo can be annoying, especially if they happen too often or take too long. Important information can often be better communicated to team members through collaboration tools, says Liz Pearce, CEO of the provider LiquidPlanner. Your tips: Limit meeting to decision-making. In her company there are only two weeks a week to meet new tasks and to define priorities.

14. Good Enough Is Not Always Good

14 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

Sergio Loewenberg from the IT consultancy Neoris turns out to be a negligence in quality assurance into a problem. It would be better to avoid mistakes instead of putting money and time out of their negative consequences. If you pay attention to high quality standards, avoid after a reaction and a bad reputation.

15. Do Not Learn from Mistakes

15 1024x576 - 15 Problems With Project Management

In addition, Liz Pearce warns, with the help of appropriate tools to carry out a multi-hour analysis after the end of the project. Only teams committed to continuous learning are able to avoid mistakes in the past in the future.

Reference: https://www.cio.de/g/15-probleme-beim-projektmanagement,11316

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