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The 15 most popular social networks 2019

The 15 most popular social networks 2019

top 15 social networks - The 15 most popular social networks 2019

Apart from the Google video subsidiary YouTube, four of the five most popular social media platforms come from Facebook.

After a closed at least in the meantime at least strongly hyped candidate finally closed his doors in the past week with Google+, a look at the most popular social networks as of early 2019 is worthwhile.

The British market researcher GlobalWebIndex has recently published figures on worldwide social media usage. Because of China's isolation from the rest of the Internet, the lockout of many popular platforms in the rest of the world such as Facebook, and at the same time its own services, such as WeChat, due to the size of the market, analysts considered China separately.

GlobalWebIndex lists the registered and active users of all platforms in terms of the number of Internet users outside China. This is calculated as follows: According to WeAreSocial, just under 4.4 billion people surf the Internet worldwide in January 2019 ; in China , there were just over 800 million. Overall, the number of Internet users outside of the Middle Kingdom is currently well over 3.6 billion.

social report - The 15 most popular social networks 2019

At the top of the most popular platforms with an active user quota of 79 percent lies Facebook - which corresponds to around 2.8 billion users. Facebook itself has put the number of active users at the end of December 2018 at 2.32 billion .

In second place is YouTube: Google's video daughter is the only platform among the top 15 that has more active than logged in users - because many people watch videos there without being logged in there themselves. The rate of visitors & active users is 86 percent of all Internet users - that's more than three billion people who watch YouTube clips more or less regularly.

Facebook Messenger (active: 55 percent or 1.98 billion users), WhatsApp (active: 60 percent or 2.16 billion users) and Instagram (active: 58 percent or 2.08 billion users follow) on the squares.

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